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Debbie Reeves 1 year ago

     Rowan is extremely professional and reliable - their expertise is unparalleled. The installation of my new geothermal HVAC and water heater was completed without a single hitch. The installers protected my wood floors by putting down cardboard so they would not track dirt in and out and so that the equipment would not scratch the floors. 

     They were always on time and worked diligently throughout the entire project. They were clearly experienced and knew what they were doing.

     Another plus is that they are trustworthy - I left my key and returned home at the end of the day to find everything completely intact as I left it. The HVAC system they installed works flawlessly. Having worked with other HVAC companies, I have to say that Rowan is a class act - I am very pleased with Rowan and I highly recommend them. Can't close my review without giving high praise to the office staff as well!


Marcia White 4 years ago


     We have used Rowan Heating & Air Conditioning on three occasions -- always emergencies. The first time our furnace failed on the coldest day of the winter. BG&E said they couldn’t service us for at least 4 or 5 days. Rowan came out the next day. Yesterday, our air conditioning stopped working on the hottest day of the summer. We called Rowan around 9 pm last night and someone: 1) actually answered the phone; 2) was helpful in telling us what we should check on the a/c until someone could come out and service us ; 3) Jake, the service tech who came out, was professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and just a great guy. He had us up and running before noon today! I love this company because they understand what their customers are going through when the heat and a/c aren’t working and they care enough to try to help ASAP. I also love Rowan because they are a family-owned business. Every last person I’ve dealt with at Rowan has demonstrated more empathy and professionalism that I’ve ever experience with a giant company. Their owner Teresa rocks too! I won’t call anyone else for our heating and a/c needs.


Katie Chen 2 years ago

     Starting from the phone call to the in-home assessment, everything was fantastic! Cindy was had amazing customer service, and Nick was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to explain and tell me exactly what was wrong and what needs to be fixed! They made a big headache seem like a small problem :) I highly recommend Rowan's! (And I rarely take the time to write reviews) 👌🏼


T Olivo 4 years ago

     We have been using Rowan for over 5 years now. Their service is reliable, professional and reasonably priced. The staff is always professional and courteous. The technician always explains in terms that are easy to understand, what needs to be done and why. They come on time and never have a problem working with my schedule when making an appointment.


John Duncan 3 years ago

     The Rowan family has been taking care of my family's heating and cooling needs in two houses since the summer of 2007. We are very satisfied. The technicians are courteous, thorough, very professional and knowledgeable about oil and gas furnaces as well as electric cooling systems. They do all the analytical work to make sure the systems are working efficiently and that flus are drawing properly. They keep detailed notes so all tests are documented and available for review. When we have had emergencies they have been quick to respond. I recommend without any qualification.


Diane Balko 2 months ago

     We have used Rowan Heating and Air Conditioning for 20+ years and have always been pleased with their service. But we recently had an AC problem and Nick came out the same day we called. He stayed late to correct the problem. Nick was extremely courteous and professional. He even noticed a problem without hot water heater and corrected that also. He gave us tips and ideas of what we should check for. We strongly recommend Rowan. They are very reasonable and respond immediately.



Susan Thornton Hobby  1 month ago

     Rowan Heating and Air Conditioning have terrific customer service, both on the phone and in the home. Their techs are always polite, efficient and knowledgeable, not to mention kind and quick! They are simply terrific. I highly recommend them.



Matt FitzSimmons  4 months ago

     The fan in the AC died last night, and Rowan was able to come right out. I described the problem inaccurately over the phone so Russ brought the wrong part with him on the call. Friday afternoon, I braced myself for being rescheduled for the following week and temperatures in the 90s. Instead, Russ hopped in his truck, drove back to base, got the correct part and I'm up and running again. Tried to give him a tip for going the extra mile, and he wouldn't take it. Outstanding.


Charles Lamertina 1 year ago

     Wow! If it's the first cold day of the year and you go to turn your heat on and it doesn't work, what's the first thing you want? You want heat and you want to call these guys...They came out promptly, fixed my problem, helped me to escape major repairs and did so in a very friendly manner. Don't get that too often. Big time kudos to Nicholas for this great and affordable service!


Andrea Sullivan 1 year ago

     I have received terrific service from Rowan, but want to especially thank Joe for his outstanding service. He immediately knew what the problem was and made the necessary correction. Additionally, he listened to all my concerns about my heating/cooling system and explained how I can use it efficiently. He is a credit to Rowan.  Thanks for the excellent service.


Kelly Kowalski 1 year ago

    Customer service was excellent and Joe and Cindy went out of their way to make things easy for me - no complaints at all


Ralph S 3 years ago

     I just had my A/C Spring service check-up done.  Outstanding service provided by Jake Mulhern.  He called and said he would arrive in one hour.  In exactly one hour he was at my doorstep.  His service was done in a most professional manner and utmost politeness.  I have had Rowan Heating & Air Conditioning Company service my home for over 20 years.  At my request back then, they converted my "all electric" home to natural gas.  The best decision I ever made to my home.  Their professional service could not be topped.  All their employees are truly Professionals among Professionals.  I would recommend them to anyone.


Allen Cannon 2 years ago

     Nicholas provided top-notch service and advice.  I've already recommended him to two colleagues!


Nathan Carnes 3 years ago

    I have been recommending ROWAN HVAC for over 15 Years now - they installed a Central Air System for me in an investment property in 2000 and they have completed numerous jobs for agents and clients to whom I have referred them to.  Every person that has used them has been thoroughly pleased with the service AND the price that was quoted.  The staff are extremely helpful and friendly, the technicians are super knowledgeable on the products (from High-Efficiency Heat Pumps to Boilers to all kinds of special Heating Systems)  I am finally writing this commendation b/c I had another very special client who was assisted by them last week - and they too were thrilled with the service.  My client offered to buy Russ (the technician) a case of beer for the Job Well Done - and instead of a case of beer, I am writing this recommendation.  Thanks, Jim Rowan etal. for all the wonderful years of service, you have given me and my friends, agents, and clients.


Deanna4health  4 years ago

     My furnace quit on a Sunday night (late).  I waited till Monday to call anyone since I was looking for a recommendation.  It was suggested that I call Rowan, by someone who had dealt with that company for 20 years.  They assured me they'd be out that day.  After checked out the furnace, it was determined only to be a 'gas valve'.  Since the furnace was 44 years old, that's right, it had served me well.  Good old fashion quality unit - I decided to update both the A/C and Furnace.  The crew of 4 arrived at 11:00 am & had the install done that day.  They had to come out the next day to move the dryer vent as it was positioned too close to where the A/C unit is looked.

     I was home during the work and what impressed me was:  They took care in protecting the carpet even after I said not to worry about it, but then I had forgotten how hard it rained the night before.  The crew communicated with each other constantly and worked extremely well together.  There was not tension, they worked steadily, their conversations were minimal and had little humor, which told me they enjoyed what they were doing.  I want someone who like their job and wants to do it right, not someone trying to rush and get in and get out.  I thought the pricing was fair and their willingness to answer any questions I had and they even explained things I didn't ask about.  The only other HVAC experience I had was BGE Home a few years earlier.  I don't remember feeling comfortable with them or I wouldn't have searched for some recommendations.

  • Will I use this company again, yes.

  • Would I recommend them, yes.

  • Is it good to get estimates, yes, if it's feasible to do so, but furnaces and a/c units usually break when its either very cold or very hot.  Not much time for calling around.

Given that they came out the same day I called, I say "start there" and then decide if you want other estimates.

     Oh, and I read the review about the cracked heat exchange.  HVAC contractors really can't leave a furnace running if it is unsafe.  We all know how people procrastinate on repairs, so this forces the homeowner to address it before a dangerous result occurs.  I don't believe it was a scam.   I find this company to be honest.  I do not believe an HVAC contractor should refund charges for a service call, perhaps waive them if you choose them to do the work, maybe.  I don't know what the charge was, but this company is not a charity, they do a service.  And homeowner safety is huge.  You don't have to use Rowan, call another company.  They will either agree with the findings OR they may tell you what they know will get your business.  Be careful there.  There are business with bad practices, I just don't believe Rowan is one of them.  They were hone and straightforward with me.  BTW - Since it was cold out and they couldn't come for 2 days, they made sure my living room gas fireplace worked and set me up with a CO2 monitor to be sure it was running safely.  Thank You Rowan!






Mike Hottinger 1 year ago

these are the people you want working on your house.











































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