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Why is it, when it's the hottest day in the summer or the coldest day in the winter, the heating and air conditioning system breaks down?  Instead of worrying, sign up for Rowan Heating and Air Conditioning's maintenance policy.  We will come out and check your system is working properly. 


Benefits of maintaining your system:

  • Maintenance can improve the efficiency and performance of your heating and air conditioning system which can help reduce your energy bills

  • Maintenance can help extend the life of your system

  • Maintenance can help prevent breakdowns during the cooling and heating season


Below is a list of things our technicians will check during the bi-annual maintenance service call.


Maintenance Policy Check includes

  1. Check Filter

  2. Check Electrical connections where accessible and visible

  3. Check motor and fan pulleys for excessive wear

  4. Check contactors and relays

  5. Check blower motor for end play, bearing wear and lubricate

  6. Check thermostat calibration

  7. Check all safety controls if applicable

  8. Visually inspect for rusting, peeling paint, vibration and any other deterioration

  9. Check temperature drop across evaporator coil

  10. Check condensate for blockage where accessible and visible

  11. Check outdoor coil for cleanliness

  12. Visually check heat exchanger for possible carbon monoxide leaks **Rowan recommends each home with gas appliances should have working carbon monoxide detectors**

  13. Check electrical strip heaters

  14. Check fan limit switch

  15. Check gas connections where accessible and visible

  16. Check flue pipe for corrosion where accessible and visible

Things you can do to help keep your system run more efficiently

  • Clean off your outside unit to allow air flow and eliminate stressing the system.  

  • Clean dirt and dust from indoor vents and registers.  This will help the air flow and increase air quality.

  • Change your air filter.  Air filters need to be changed every 30 to 90 days, depending on the filter you have.  Put reminders on your calendar!  

     To save on utility bills and service calls, we recommend that all of your heating and cooling systems be included in a regular inspection and maintenance.


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